Thursday, October 30, 2014

What's the Theme Song to Your Life??

Has a song ever got you through at tough time? Or do you feel like a song was written about your own life? I definitely have! 

Many songs have helped me throughout my life, and it's amazing how simple words spoken out loud can make a person feel better. 

For this activity, I would ask students "What would the theme song to your life be?" I would have students print out the lyrics, and we would create a self-identity college. Students would paste the lyrics on a colored construction paper, and surround the lyrics with any images/words that helps identify why this song represents their life. This activity is a great way to learn about students, and help them develop their personal identity in the Mental, Emotional, and Social Health unit. 

Example Theme Songs:
- Fifteen, by Taylor Swift 
- Like my Mother Does, Lauren Alaina 
- Someone Like You, Adele 
- Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson
- Back to December, Taylor Swift
- Something in The Water, Carrie Underwood
- Burn, Usher

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