Saturday, January 10, 2015

Unfortunately, bullying is becoming a world-wide phenomenon amongst our schools, and it's our responsibility as teachers to educate our students on the facts and consequences associated with bullying. This activity could still be used in the middle or high school setting by, having students identify what each individual experiences and what they could do to help the situation. I would maybe incorporate this first as a group assignment and have the students brainstorm on what characteristics each individual may possess as well as how bullying plays into their situation.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cyber Bullying

Make students aware of the severity of cyber bullying and posting inappropriate images/content on social media. I think this is a great classroom display so it makes students more self-aware of what is being put on the internet.

What's the Theme Song to Your Life??

Has a song ever got you through at tough time? Or do you feel like a song was written about your own life? I definitely have! 

Many songs have helped me throughout my life, and it's amazing how simple words spoken out loud can make a person feel better. 

For this activity, I would ask students "What would the theme song to your life be?" I would have students print out the lyrics, and we would create a self-identity college. Students would paste the lyrics on a colored construction paper, and surround the lyrics with any images/words that helps identify why this song represents their life. This activity is a great way to learn about students, and help them develop their personal identity in the Mental, Emotional, and Social Health unit. 

Example Theme Songs:
- Fifteen, by Taylor Swift 
- Like my Mother Does, Lauren Alaina 
- Someone Like You, Adele 
- Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson
- Back to December, Taylor Swift
- Something in The Water, Carrie Underwood
- Burn, Usher

Teaching Self-Esteem

Many students, both girls and boys struggle with self-esteem daily. In the Mental, Emotional, and Social Health unit there are many ways to help improve a student's self-esteem.

This activity would be used by displaying this image on the screen, and have students respond to the image in their health journal. The journal question could include: "What words have been said to you that decreased your self-esteem, and how did their words make you feel?"

This lesson plan is to inform students that Words DO Hurt, and they impact everyone. (A similar idea could be to use the Mean Girls clip about students raising their hands if they have ever been personally attacked by Regina George). This activity shows students that everyone gets bullied, and it needs to STOP!